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Maximize Your Horse Blanket Versatility with Horseware® Ireland Liner System

Maximize Your Horse Blanket Versatility with Horseware® Ireland Liner System

As temperatures drop, the Horseware® Liner System offers a practical solution to customize stable or turnout blankets for increased warmth and comfort. Here's a concise guide to unlocking the versatility of your Horseware horse blankets.


  1. Customizable Blanketing:

    • The Horseware Ireland Liner System is an industry-standard solution for creating a trans-seasonal blanket tailored to your horse's needs. Many Horseware blankets are compatible with the Liner System, allowing you to customize the weight of your blanket as needed.
  2. Simple Adjustments:

    • Adding a liner to your blanket allows effortless weight adjustment, ideal for changing weather conditions.
  3. Liner Benefits:

    • Attaches securely with a Velcro Loop System and clips, providing superior insulation and breathability.
    • Liners fit into standard washing machines for easy maintenance.
  4. Liner Options:

    • Explore various Horseware Liner Options based on your horse's specific needs.

    • Horseware® Liner:

      • Breathable and less bulky for enhanced comfort.
      • Available in weights: 100g, 200g, 300g, 400g.
    • Horseware® Dry Liner:

      • Triple-layered fabric for excellent moisture evaporation.
      • Moisture-wicking with dual leg arches.
      • Available in 50g weight.
    • Horseware® Optimo Liner:

      • Compatible with Optimo® turnouts.
      • Thermobonded fiberfill made from 80% recycled material.
      • Available in 100g, 200g weights.
    • Horseware® Pony Liner:

      • Designed for ponies with Thermobonded fiberfill technology.
      • Available in 100g, 200g weights.
    • Horseware® ECO Liner:

      • Sustainable, made from recycled plastic bottles.
      • Available in 100g, 200g, 300g, 400g weights.
    • Horseware® XL Liner:

      • XL sizing for bigger horses.
      • Available in 100g, 200g weights.
    • Waterproof Fly Sheet Liner:

      • Waterproof, UV protective, and breathable.
      • Available in 100g weight.
Horseware Ireland Blanket Liner

Note: Look for the liner system compatible icon on Horseware blankets.

Discover the endless possibilities of Horseware Liners to ensure optimal comfort and protection for your horse in changing weather conditions.

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