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Why We Love the Updated Horseware Rambo Duo Force 2.0

Why We Love the Updated Horseware Rambo Duo Force 2.0

Selecting the right horse blanket for your horse ensures comfort and protection throughout changing seasons. The Horseware Ireland Rambo Duo Force 2.0 Turnout Blanket is a great choice.

Key Features:

  • Durable Protection:
    • The 1000D Ripstop Ballistic Nylon outer is waterproof, breathable, and 60% stronger due to a reinforcing weave layer.
    • Despite its strength, the blanket remains lightweight, ensuring protection without added bulk.
  • Versatility In Changing Conditions:
    • The Rambo Duo Force 2.0 functions like four blankets in one, with 100g insulation and detachable Horseware Eco Liners (100g and 300g).
    • The liner system offers better insulation than layering two normal blankets, stays in place securely, and is compatible with other blankets.
  • Ultimate Comfort:
    • Extended hood coverage prevents wind and water entry, protecting the neck, chest, and front closures.
    • The 100g Thermobonded fibrefill provides lasting heat protection, and the silky-fill lining is anti-bacterial and anti-static.
    • The blanket is true to size and minimizes the risk of rubs for sensitive-skinned horses.
  • Safety And Peace Of Mind:
    • V-Front Closure, Surefit Neck Design, and dual leg arches eliminate pressure around the shoulders, allowing free movement.
    • The Rambo® Safety Surcingle System can release in emergencies, offering extra protection and peace of mind.
  • Sustainability And Guarantee:
    • Horse owners will appreciate Horseware's commitment to sustainability, including recycling 45 plastic bottles with each Eco Liner.
    • The Rambo Duo Force 2.0 comes with a sustainable 'Bag For Life' for off-season storage, reducing the need for multiple blankets.
    • Backed by a three-year guarantee on waterproofness and breathability.
Rambo Duo Force 2.0 Horse Blanket

The Rambo Duo Force 2.0 is hailed as the ultimate all-rounder, prioritizing comfort, safety, and versatility. The innovative design and sustainable features make it a top choice for horse owners seeking unbeatable protection and peace of mind. In summary, you will find the Rambo Duo Force 2.0 to be a reliable, versatile, and sustainable choice, providing your horse, with the best in comfort, safety, and adaptability to changing weather conditions.

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