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Fly Sheets for Hot, Humid Weather

We have a lot of customers in southern Florida and Texas who call trying to find the best fly sheet for their hot, humid climates.  This is what we hear back from customers who...

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  • Kensington UViator Fly Mask

    90% UV Protection & Fly Mask

    There's a reason the Kensington's UViator Fly Mask is our #1 selling product for best UV protection! This fly mask & halter in one blocks 90% of UV rays, protecting your horses year round from the bright sun to harsh reflections that bounce off...

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  • Why we love Shires turnouts!

    Why we love Shires turnouts!

    Shires turnout rugs offer a number of benefits for horses, including: Protection from the elements. Shires turnout rugs are made from waterproof and breathable materials, which helps to keep your horse dry and comfortable in wet weather. They also have a...

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  • How to Wash Your Horse Blanket

    How to Wash Your Horse Blanket

    How to Clean Your Horse Blanket Spring is here and it may be time to start thinking about cleaning dirty horse blanket. After all, horses love to roll around in the mud, and their blankets can get pretty dirty. But don't worry,...

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  • Fly Season Is Here!

    Fly Season Is Here!

    Flies can be a nuisance for horses during the warmer months, causing both physical and mental irritation that can lead to distress. 
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