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New HKM Fly Sheets and More!

New HKM Fly Sheets and More!

We are excited we have partnered with HKM to bring their amazing fly sheets, saddle pads, turnouts and more into our store. We are adding new inventory weekly as we are receiving our first shipments from Germany. Please let us know if you are looking for a specific product that is not shown since we might have it in route to us. 

HKM: Bridging Passion for Equestrian Sports with Innovative Products

HKM, a leading global supplier of equestrian products, lives and breathes its passion for the sport. Founded in 1967, the company has transformed from a manufacturer of haberdashery into a powerhouse for riders and horses, offering innovative and high-quality products that inspire and exceed expectations.

Headquartered in the idyllic German town of Neuenhaus, HKM supplies over 3,000 specialist dealers in 69 countries. Their extensive product range caters to riders of all sizes and their equine companions, from Shetland ponies to Grand Prix contenders.

Driven by the founding family's deep-seated passion, HKM has cultivated a colorful, courageous, and authentic brand identity for nearly 40 years. They operate responsibly and with foresight, fostering a special bond with horses reflected in their diverse collections. Their expertise and keen eye for detail ensure the best product experience for customers, delivering outstanding value at attractive prices.

HKM's commitment to equestrian sports shines through their innovative products, passionate spirit, and dedication to horse and rider alike. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a budding enthusiast, HKM has the equipment and expertise to help you achieve your equestrian goals.




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