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How to Care for your Horse Rug

How to Care for your Horse Rug

With Winter coming to an end, a lot of people have been asking how to care for their horse blankets. Washing and storing your blankets correctly can make a big difference in the lifespan of your rug.  

How to wash a horse blanket:

1) Use a stiff brush to remove any excess dirt, mud and hair.  Some folks even use 
2) Put your rug into a mesh bag if you have one to contain all straps and buckles.  This will protect both your rug and your washing machine.
3) Wash your rug using a gentle detergent, or more ideally, one made specifically for washing horse blankets, such as Rambo Wash.  Use cold water in your wash cycle.
4) Hang to dry.  Do NOT tumble dry.  

Storing your blanket:

Before storing your blanket for the summer, take care to wash it.  You may wish to store it in a trunk or at a minimum, a blanket bag to protect from any possible rodents or insects.  Store in a dry location.

Repairing your blanket:

If you have any small nicks or tears in your blanket, repair them while your blanket is clean and dry, before they get larger.  Horseware Stormsure (a tough adhesive) or the Rambo Repair Kit (fabric swatches and adhesive) can be very useful in your effort to repair your turnout rugs.

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