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Make your horse a fly free zone this summer.

Protect your horse with Horseware's No Fly Zone this summer.  The No Fly Zone insect repellent technology was developed with an effective and powerful anti-insect technology which is proven to repel insects.  The Active ingredient Permethrin, is an odorless and invisible film which lasts for 70 washes for long lasting protection against mosquitos, ants, ticks, flies and midges.  

Rambo Fly Buster Fly Sheet 

No Fly Zone is found in the following Horseware Fly Sheets:

Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose with No Fly Zone Fly Sheet (sizes 60" - 87")

Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose with No Fly Zone Fly Sheet (sizes 66" - 84")

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