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How to choose your Horse Blanket for this Cold weather?

How to choose your Horse Blanket for this Cold weather?

Farmers' Almanac calls North Central region a 'hibernation zone' for this winter in US forecast* USA Today

When it comes to horse blankets for cold weather, several factors should be considered, such as the material, fill, and design. Some of the best horse blankets for cold weather include:

  1. Heavyweight turnout blankets: These blankets are made from thick, waterproof materials and have a high fill weight to provide maximum warmth.

  2. Stable blankets: Similar to turnout blankets, stable blankets are designed to keep horses warm while they are inside. They are usually made from heavy materials, but are not typically waterproof.

  3. Blanket liners: For extremely cold weather, a blanket liner can be added to a horse's regular blanket to provide extra warmth.

Ultimately, the best horse blanket for cold weather will depend on your specific needs and the type of weather you are facing. Check out our Blanketing 101 Resource page to compare factors such as your temperatures, your horse's age, natural coat vs clipped horses, and more! It's important to consider the horse's size, breed, and activity level when selecting a blanket, as well as the length and thickness of its coat.

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