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Christmas in July Horseware Sale | Free Shipping on orders $100+
Christmas in July Horseware Sale | Free Shipping on orders $100+

Rhino Turnout Blankets

Rhino Horse Blankets have been around for a long time.  There is a reason why. With the innovative Rhino Barrier Technology, they have a proven track record for performance.

Here is what the Rhino Barrier Technology really means:

Rhino Turnout Blanket Barrier Technology

Rhino Turnouts are made up of 4 layers that each serve a specific purpose:

1) Exterior Layer:   Made to be tough and light.   Made from a polypropylene fabric, which is 50-100% stronger than the coated polyester used in most 600D and 1200D turnouts.  Polypropylene also has good resistance to water, allowing the droplets to sit on the surface rather than being absorbed into the fabric.

2)  Waterproof Barrier Layer:  Under the exterior layer is the waterproof barrier layer.  AquaTrans(TM) coating is applied to the barrier layer.  Even if the outer fabric is damaged, the waterproof barrier will act as a second defense to keep your horse dry.

3) Insulation:  For all Rhino 100g, Medium and Heavy Turnouts, the third layer is a unique thermobonded fiberfill that traps warm air and keeps your horse cozy.  Rhino Turnout Sheets have no fill, and therefore do not have this layer.

4) Lining:  The layer in contact with your horse is a smooth, anti-static, anti-bacterial polyester that keeps your horse's coat smooth and shiny. It glides easily over your horse's body as he moves to prevent rubbing.

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