Cashel's NEW 2017 Patterned Crusader Fly Masks Now Available

By Performance Horse Blankets
on March 17, 2017

Cashel's 2017 Patterned Crusader Fly Masks are now available:  Purple Flare, Blue Watercolor, Pink Watercolor and Turquoise Waves.  They come with ears or without ears.  Come see them for yourself!  Best of all, you get free shipping even if you just buy one.  Shop all Cashel Fly Masks.

Cashel Purple Flare Fly MaskCashel Crusader Turquoise Waves Fly Mask

Cashel Crusader Pink Watercolor Fly Mask

Horseware announces the New Front Disc Closure

By Performance Horse Blankets
on March 09, 2017


The Horseware® Disc Closure System

Amigo Bravo 12 Plus Turnout with Front Disc Closure

Now Available from Horseware!

It is light, safe and easy to use. It incorporates our four V-Front closure points in a lighter, more flexible design. The non-corrosive and streamlined design of the Horseware® Disc Closure System can be produced in a wide array of colors, and it can be closed with one hand, simplifying the chore of changing blankets.The Horseware® Disc Closure System takes our V-Front closure to the next level, moving the goalposts in blanket front closure design.

The Horseware® V-Front closure is a more comfortable option for horses, and the cutting edge design of the Horseware® Disc further enhances the effectiveness of this innovative blanket closure system.

Currently available on:  

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Rhino Turnout Blankets

By Performance Horse Blankets
on November 14, 2016

Rhino Horse Blankets have been around for a long time.  There is a reason why. With the innovative Rhino Barrier Technology, they have a proven track record for performance.

Here is what the Rhino Barrier Technology really means:

Rhino Turnout Blanket Barrier Technology

Rhino Turnouts are made up of 4 layers that each serve a specific purpose:

1) Exterior Layer:   Made to be tough and light.   Made from a polypropylene fabric, which is 50-100% stronger than the coated polyester used in most 600D and 1200D turnouts.  Polypropylene also has good resistance to water, allowing the droplets to sit on the surface rather than being absorbed into the fabric.

2)  Waterproof Barrier Layer:  Under the exterior layer is the waterproof barrier layer.  AquaTrans(TM) coating is applied to the barrier layer.  Even if the outer fabric is damaged, the waterproof barrier will act as a second defense to keep your horse dry.

3) Insulation:  For all Rhino 100g, Medium and Heavy Turnouts, the third layer is a unique thermobonded fiberfill that traps warm air and keeps your horse cozy.  Rhino Turnout Sheets have no fill, and therefore do not have this layer.

4) Lining:  The layer in contact with your horse is a smooth, anti-static, anti-bacterial polyester that keeps your horse's coat smooth and shiny. It glides easily over your horse's body as he moves to prevent rubbing.

Learn more about Rhino Turnout Blankets.

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Blankets Designed for Larger Built Horses

By Performance Horse Blankets
on November 08, 2016

Amigo Bravo 12 XL Turnout RugHorses come in all sizes. Thankfully, horse blankets do too. 

If your horse is broad chested with a larger build, you'll need a blanket cut to provide more room in the chest and more length on the sides than the average horse blanket provides.  

The Rambo Optimo, the Amigo XL, the Kensington SureFit Turnouts are just a few of the ones we recommend.  READ MORE... 


Winter Turnout Blankets Designed for Larger Built Horses

Compare Turnout Sheets to Find the Best One

By Performance Horse Blankets
on August 22, 2016

With the weather getting colder, it's time to double check your blanket collection.  Ensure your horse has what he or she will need BEFORE the weather hits.  We offer such a wide range of blankets, it can be overwhelming to select the correct one.  We have created quick glance comparison charts for all our horse blankets. Here is the first one, including a comparison of all the lite turnout sheets we offer.

Lite Turnout Sheet Comparison Chart

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Horse Blankets

By Performance Horse Blankets
on August 03, 2016

Weatherbeeta Horse BlanketsWeatherbeeta has redesigned their entire line of blankets with your horse's COMFORT and FIT in mind.  

The new Weatherbeeta ComFiTec blanket range includes 4 groups of blankets to ensure you find the perfect mix of comfort, fit and durability for your horse, lifestyle and budget:  ComFiTec Ultra, ComFiTec Premier, ComFiTec Plus and ComFiTec.

Shop ALL Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Horse Blankets

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ultra Tough Turnout BlanketWeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Detach-a-Neck Heavy Turnout

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Horse Blankets

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ultra 

The ultimate in comfort, fit and durability. The finest protection for your horse Weatherbeeta has ever made.  

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Premiere 

Premiere quality Weatherbeeta horse blankets.  Created for superior comfort and fit.

 Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Plus

Horse blankets designed to be comfortable, durable and a remarkable value.  

 Weatherbeeta ComFiTec

Weatherbeeta quality and incredible value.  

LEARN MORE about Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Blankets >>

Winner of our Rambo Protector Giveaway

By Performance Horse Blankets
on June 20, 2016

Congratulations Andrea D. from Holbrook, NY!  She is the lucky winner of our Rambo Protector Giveaway! Her 10 yr old Quarter Horse, Gibbs, will be the lucky horse to enjoy the summer in his new Rambo fly sheet. Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest!

Rambo Protector:  The ultimate performer in fly protection. Made from a unique patented fabric that is extremely durable, super soft, breathable and offers UV sun protection.  

Fly Sheets for Friesians

By Performance Horse Blankets
on June 14, 2016

Our customer service team has been frequently asked for the best fly sheets for Friesians, with a common problem that the fit around the neck is too tight. Here are a couple of suggestions from our manufacturers.

Kensington Protective Fly Sheet with the SureFit Cut

In collaboration with the Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA), Kensington set out to design a cut to fit the unique build of a Friesian horse. After a year of testing numerous samples on a wide variety of Friesians, Kensington found what they believed to be the perfect fit. Once this was complete, 
we continued to make tweaks to the design over the next 6 months, continuously improving the design, to create the "Surefit Cut".

Amigo XL Bug Rug Fly Sheet for Friesian HorsesAmigo XL Bug Rug

This soft mesh fly sheet has been designed specifically for larger built horses.  Featuring a 20% deeper neckline and a 20% deeper drop,  the fit is just right for most Friesians.

Blankets Designed with your Miniature Horse in Mind

By Performance Horse Blankets
on June 09, 2016

Find the perfect blanket for your miniature horse.  We offer turnouts, stable blankets, coolers and fly sheets that have been designed with your miniature horse in mind.  View our large selection of Miniature Horse Blankets, or take a look at some of our featured mini horse blankets.

Finding the Ultimate Fly Sheet

By Performance Horse Blankets
on June 07, 2016

Fly season has arrived and the pesky insects are driving your horse insane.  If you've ever found your horse covered in welts, or even injured due to excessive stomping or racing around the pasture, you know how important finding relief for your horse is.  However, finding the right fly sheet can be overwhelming as it seems everyone has a different opinion on what is best.  Learn more about what to look for in a fly sheet to help find relief for your horse.