Compare UV Protection in Summer Sheets

By Cherie Moore
on May 05, 2021

All summer sheets are not the same when it comes to UV protection for your horse.  If your goal is to prevent sunburn and bleaching this summer, take a look at which sheet is getting the job done.

UV Protection in Summer Sheets

Green-Tec Horse Blankets by WeatherBeeta

By Customer Service
on October 08, 2020

Plastics are incredibly useful materials but they don't belong in our soil, lakes, rivers, or oceans. Plastic waste is one of the most pressing problems our planet faces. We need to find uses for this waste to prevent it from being dumped in the environment.

Introducing WeatherBeeta Green-Tec Horse Blankets

WeatherBeeta has just introduced their Green-Tec 900D Detach-A-Neck Turnouts using recycled plastics for the outer fabric and lining. Each blanket saves over 340 plastic bottles from going into a landfill or the ocean.

Green Tec Horse Blankets protect our environment

That's not the only reason why this blanket is a better choice for the environment; this blanket's fabric uses 50% less energy to produce than a traditional turnout blanket. 

Green Tec Horse Blankets use less energy

Plus, this earth-friendly product is packaged in recyclable packaging that is also made from PCR (post consumer recyclable plastic).

We hope one day all blankets will be made this way.

WeatherBeeta GreenTec Detach-a-Neck Medium Turnout

WeatherBeeta GreenTec Detach-a-Neck Heavy Turnout

Featuring a waterproof and breathable 900 denier PCR outer from recycled bottles, a strong 150 denier diamond weave lining PCR fabric, a detach-a-neck style for versatility and a traditional side gusset for natural movement. The quick clip front closure also offers maximum adjustability, with twin low cross surcingles, large tail flap for protection and removable, adjustable leg straps.

WeatherBeeta Green-Tec features:

WeatherBeeta Green-Tec Horse Blankets

WeatherBeeta's Innovative Full Wrap Tail Flap Protection

By Customer Service
on October 25, 2019

WeatherBeeta Full Wrap Tail Flap Protection

Did you know about WeatherBeeta’s innovative Full Wrap Tail Flap? It offers a two-piece design that fully wraps around your horse’s hind quarters. This is a great addition to any blanket as it protects your horse from that unpredictable weather, whether it be wind, rain, sleet or snow! Available on WeatherBeeta’s Ultra Cozi & Premier Free turnouts.

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Check out this ultra protective tail flap here: WeatherBeeta Full Wrap Tail Flap Collection

Increase Your Horse's Visibility with Horseware's Reflectech!

By Customer Service
on October 11, 2019

Horseware Reflectech Amigo Bravo 12 Plus Medium Horse Blanket

Increase your horse’s visibility in low light & night-time conditions with Reflectech! This new feature from Horseware appears on the Amigo Bravo 12 Reflectech Plus Medium 250g Turnout, made of a super strong 1200D polyester waterproof & breathable outer layer interwoven with reflective yarn. Additionally, this turnout features a lined detachable hood, 250g of warm fiberfill, and an antibacterial, anti-static, shine enhancing polyester lining. It’s everything you’ve always loved about Horseware’s Amigo turnouts plus this cool new Reflectech feature! #FeatureFriday #GallopWithUs #iwearhorseware 

If your :racehorse: is in need of a medium weight blanket, check out Reflectech here: Amigo Bravo 12 Reflectech Plus Medium 250g Turnout

NEW Panda Print from Weatherbeeta!

By Customer Service
on October 04, 2019

Weatherbeeta Panda Horse Blankets

NEW from WeatherBeeta, one of their best prints yet: 🐼🐼🐼 everywhere! This fun & stylish new print is available on ComFiTec Essential turnouts (Lites & Mediums), featuring super strong & durable 1200 Denier Ripstop outer layers and Repel Shell coatings for optimal waterproof & breathability. Or try this adorable Panda Print in WeatherBeeta’s Fleece Cooler, made of a versatile, breathable and wickable fleece with anti-pill finish. Available in Pony sizes as well! #FeatureFriday #GallopWithUs #WeatherBeaten

Check out all the 🐼🐼🐼:   Panda Print Collection

Best Fly Masks for your Horse

By Customer Service
on April 04, 2019

We did some research and listened to our customers to determine which fly masks are the best.  From the Cashel to Kensington to Rambo to Shires, here are a few fly masks we found that seemed to come up top again and again. 

Read more about the Best Fly Masks.

Fly Sheets for Hot, Humid Weather

By Customer Service
on March 13, 2019

We have a lot of customers in southern Florida and Texas who call trying to find the best fly sheet for their hot, humid climates.  This is what we hear back from customers who have tried them all.  They're looking for a fly sheet that will protect their horse from the bugs and sun without making their horse sweat.  Sound impossible?  Read more about the ones we've found to perform the best:   Best Fly Sheets for Hot Climates

Make your horse a fly free zone this summer.

By Customer Service
on March 05, 2018

Protect your horse with Horseware's No Fly Zone this summer.  The No Fly Zone insect repellent technology was developed with an effective and powerful anti-insect technology which is proven to repel insects.  The Active ingredient Permethrin, is an odorless and invisible film which lasts for 70 washes for long lasting protection against mosquitos, ants, ticks, flies and midges.  

Rambo Fly Buster Fly Sheet 

No Fly Zone is found in the following Horseware Fly Sheets:

Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose with No Fly Zone Fly Sheet (sizes 60" - 87")

Amigo Bug Buster Vamoose with No Fly Zone Fly Sheet (sizes 66" - 84")

How to Care for your Rug

By Customer Service
on March 02, 2018

With Winter coming to an end, a lot of people have been asking how to care for their horse blankets.  Washing and storing your blankets correctly can make a big difference in the lifespan of your rug.  

How to wash a horse blanket:

1) Use a stiff brush to remove any excess dirt, mud and hair.  Some folks even use 
2) Put your rug into a mesh bag if you have one to contain all straps and buckles.  This will protect both your rug and your washing machine.
3) Wash your rug using a gentle detergent, or more ideally, one made specifically for washing horse blankets, such as Rambo Wash.  Use cold water in your wash cycle.
4) Hang to dry.  Do NOT tumble dry.  

Storing your blanket:

Before storing your blanket for the summer, take care to wash it.  You may wish to store it in a trunk or at a minimum, a blanket bag to protect from any possible rodents or insects.  Store in a dry location.

Repairing your blanket:

If you have any small nicks or tears in your blanket, repair them while your blanket is clean and dry, before they get larger.  Horseware Stormsure (a tough adhesive) or the Rambo Repair Kit (fabric swatches and adhesive) can be very useful in your effort to repair your turnout rugs.

What Weight Blanket Should I purchase?

By Customer Service
on November 02, 2017

One of the most important things to consider when blanketing your horse is what weight blanket to purchase.  Choosing the correct weight ensures your horse isn't too hot or too cold. Always err on the side of your horse being a little cold rather than a little hot.  

Warmth of a Horse Blanket 

Horseware blankets come in a variety of weights. To make it easier, Horseware has created this little temperature scale.  A turnout blanket acts as a waterproof insulator layer, helping to maintain warmth in cold weather. However be aware that conditions may vary in a short time span.  Always ensure your horse is comfortable at all times.  

Horse Blanket Warmth Chart

0g Fill (no fill):  A turnout with no fill is intended to keep your horse dry in the elements but provides little warmth.  

100g Fill (medium-lite):  Half way between a lite (no fill) and a medium.  Provides some warmth but not a lot.  

200g Fill (medium): A medium turnout rug contains 200-250 fill.  Great for mild-chilly nights if you clip your horse and chilly nights if your horse has its natural coat.

300-400g Fill (heavy):  A heavy turnout is made for the coldest conditions. 

Temperature Chart

Below is a chart of blanket recommendations. Bear in mind that every horse is unique - some naturally run warmer than others.  Older horses typically need extra protection.  Some horses grow a thick winter coat while others do not.  Use this as a guide, but please check your horse frequently until you determine what your horse needs.

Temperature Natural Coat Body Clipped
50 degrees Nothing or 0g Turnout Lite 0g-100g Blanket
40 degrees Lite 0g-100g Blanket Lite-Medium 100g-200g Blanket
30 degrees Medium 100-200g Blanket Heavy 300g Blanket
20 degrees Medium 200g-300g Blanket Heavy 300g-400g Blanket
10 degrees or below Heavy 300g-400g Blanket Heavy 300g-400g Blanket with a 100g-200g Blanket Liner