Saratoga Summer Turnout

Great for hot, humid climates!

If you live in a hot, humid climate or your horse sweats under his/her current fly sheet, the Saratoga Summer Turnout is a must have!  This flysheet is the perfect way to keep your horse cool, comfortable, and free from flies.   The soft, yet durable, interlock woven mesh is non-absorbent and wicks away sweat from the horse, allowing moisture to evaporate at a faster rate while providing excellent bug and insect protection.  The Saratoga Summer Turnout's white body color assists in reflecting the sun's harmful rays.

The unique leg strap design attaches the leg straps towards the middle of the garment, rather than on the edges, making it harder for even the most notorious blanket wrecker to rip the garment.  The Saratoga Summer Flysheet also features ‘no rub’ invisible shoulder gussets (prevents rubbing at the point of shoulder), adjustable double chest buckles, single surcingle, and elastic turnout style leg straps. 

Made in USA.

Colors:  White with Hunter, White with Black

Sizes:  68" - 86"

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