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Kensington Draft SureFit Protective Fly Sheet (No Fill)

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This Product Fits TRUE TO SIZE


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Kensington believes their protective sheet is the best on the market and stands by it with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Color: Deluxe Black Plaid
Size: 87

Comprehensive Summertime Protection for Draft Horses.

Provide comprehensive summertime protection for your draft horse with the Protective Sheet with SureFit. Designed to fit a wider range of horse types, from narrow and lanky to broad and stocky, it is made of ultra-durable Textilene, a 1000 x 2000 denier mesh that provides 73% UV protection, 78% air permeability, fly and insect protection, and fire resistance, while not absorbing heat from the sun or your horse. The weave actually helps shorten grooming times by not only keeping dirt and debris from the coat, but by actually working the coat as they move, bringing out the natural oils and removing loose hair. The UV protection helps keep your horse's coat from bleaching out and prevents sunburns. Air permeability and non-heat absorbing properties ensure your horse stays cool and comfortable in the hottest weather. In the event of a fire, this material also resists burning, and will stick to itself, not your horse. Features include quick clip adjustable front closures, padded wither, leg arches that provide additional adjustability for the detachable 2” criss cross surcingles with snaps and d-rings, removable and adjustable leg straps with snaps, and removable tail cover.

Lifetime Guarantee: Quite simply, we believe our protective sheet is the best on the market, and we stand by it. We have a lifetime guarantee. No joke, it’s one of the best in the business.

Born in the USA: Our sheets are manufactured with USA made 1000 x 2000 Denier Textilene fabric. Hailing from Alabama, it is specially formulated to withstand fading, fire, mildew, soiling and wear and tear, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

New Features: Now available with belly arches and a removable tail flap.

Wearable curry comb: Throw the sheet on a dirty or clean horse and they will get, or stay cleaner. The Textilene brushes the coat as the horse moves, preventing dirt and poop from sticking. It’s a must-pack item for any show, grey horse, or mud magnet.

Promotes a healthy coat: Customers report healthier and shinier coats with horses wearing our sheets. It might just be that their horses are staying cleaner but we also believe it promotes oil production in the the hair and skin leading to a healthier coat.

Zebra Stripes? Turns out patterns confuse flies, any pattern, be it stripes or plaid. Not only does our Textilene prevent flies from biting your horse should they land, most flies will be too confused to land anyway. Yahoo!

Smart + Functional Hardware: Designed in SureFit Cut with buckle and snap-front chest closure for easier on-and-off, 2 criss cross adjustable and replaceable belly straps with 2” snaps and d-rings, detachable elastic leg straps and a contoured fit.

No Gussets: No rubs. The old style sheets all had gussets, and horses hated them. Like the shoulder pads of the 80’s and 90’s, they had to go. Fitted properly, our sheets don’t rub the shoulders. Happy Horses.

Pesky Neighbors? Biting horses will always be an issue but with the Kensington Protective sheet your horse now has an armor to protect against them. The tough and slick Textilene material will be the only thing the neighbors bite from now on.

Protects the coat from fading: With 73% UV protection your dark horses will stay dark longer. Don’t forget the mask and neck cover.

Tear Resistant: Textilene is a fused weave fabric meaning that even if your clever horse manages to make a tear, the fabric won’t continue to unravel on its own.

Fire retardant: in an emergency situation keep your protective sheet on your horse. The sheet will protect from scratches and debris and in the event of fire the sheet material resists burning and will stick to itself and not your horse. 

Snow Protection? Clever Kensington customers were the first to discover the benefits of placing their protective sheets over their winter turnouts. The sheet protects old and new turnouts while also giving a barrier so snow stays off the blanket material allowing it to melt and run off.

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  • 1000 x 2000 denier durable Textilene mesh
  • 73% UV protection
  • 78% air permeability


  • SureFit cut, esigned to fit a wider range of horse types, from narrow and lanky to broad and stocky
  • Quick clip adjustable front closures
  • Removable criss cross surcingles
  • Removable rear leg straps
  • Padded wither
  • Removable tail flap
  • Fire retardant, protecting from scratches and debris and in the event of fire the sheet material resists burning and will stick to itself and not your horse
  • Available in draft sizes
  • Lifetime guarantee

Sizing Blankets & Sheets

Using a soft measuring tape, measure from A (the center point of the chest), across the widest point of the shoulder and to B (the center point of your horse’s rear, under the tail). Ensure your measuring tape is level and taut, which is easiest with 2 people. The number of inches is your horse’s "true size." Learn more about properly sizing your horse here.

Horseware Size Measuring Guide


Our Advice: This product fits TRUE TO SIZE. You should rely on your horse's "true size" (as measured above). If between sizes we recommend sizing up.

Some brands run a little large or small, so we recommend checking out our numerous product reviews for more advice. Bear in mind that every horse is different and that your measurement is a guide only. We carry many different styles to suit all shapes and sizes. Please contact us if you do have any questions about size or fit. We’re always happy to help!


This is a FLY SHEET, intended to protect your horse from flies/insects on warm days while offering UV protection and breathability.

Turnouts, blankets & sheets serve a variety of functions. Turnouts act as a waterproof insulator layer, helping to maintain condition in cold weather. Stable blankets are not waterproof and simply provide insulation for warmth. Other sheets (fly, cooler, competition, scrim, etc.) excel at a number of other functions.

Please be aware that conditions may vary in a short time span, and always ensure your horse is comfortable under the current conditions. Learn more about product use here.


Kensington recommends HAND WASHING this sheet.

Washing Instructions

  • Remove excess dirt, mud and hair
  • Ensure all velcro is closed and clips/straps are attached prior to washing
  • Hand wash at 30º C/85º F (cold) using mild soap or a blanket cleaning wash
  • Line dry / Air dry only away from a heat source
  • Do NOT use detergents, fabric conditioners or bleach
  • Do NOT bleach
  • Do NOT tumble dry
  • Do NOT Iron

Storage Instructions

  • Once dry, fold neatly into a breathable storage bag
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from any moisture or damp areas, avoiding excessive heat and UV exposure
  • Your original packaging can be used as an excellent bag for multiple purposes such as an equestrian gear bag or off-season storage

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