Baker Deluxe Sheet

  • Baker Deluxe Sheet
  • Baker deluxe sheet front closure
  • Baker Deluxe Sheet Fleece Withers
  • Baker Deluxe Sheet Elastic Surcingles
  • Baker Deluxe Sheet Elastic Leg Straps

The DELUXE Baker Sheet is jam packed with features to ensure your horse feels and looks great!   Created from the famous American-made Baker fabric, the DELUXE Baker Sheet incorporates the following high quality features:

  • Satin Lined Shoulders to Reduce Rubbing
  • Improved Adjustable Snap Buckle Front Closures
  • Stainless Steel Surcingle Hardware
  • Elasticized Surcingle Attachments
  • Elasticized Double-Release Leg Straps
  • Fleece at Withers

Color:  Original Baker Plaid

Sizes:   72" - 84"