Horseware's Vari-Layer Design

Do you know about the "Vari-Layer Design" from Horseware? This innovative design provides your horse with more warmth & less weight! In a standard horse blanket, the majority of heat is lost from the back and hip areas. The Vari-Layer Design combats this via a layered blanket with increased fibrefill across those key areas that wrap closely around your horse, for longer lasting heat retention. Reducing the fibrefill as you go down the sides, where the horse does not need it, greatly reduces the weight of the blanket. No more struggling to heave a blanket onto your horse's back! Available on Amigos, Rhinos & Rambos! #gallopwithus #iwearhorseware #morewarmthlessweight #featurefriday

If your 🐴 is in need of a blanket to keep them warm for many Winters to come, check out Horseware's Vari-Layer Design below.