Horseware's Front Disc Closure System for Turnouts

Horseware's Front Disc Closure System is a lightweight, safe and easy to use alternative to the typical front closure straps on a turnout. It incorporates Horseware's four V-Front closure points in a lighter, more flexible design. The non-corrosive and streamlined design of the Horseware® Disc Closure System can be produced in a wide array of colors, and it can be closed with one hand, simplifying the chore of changing blankets.The Horseware® Disc Closure System takes our V-Front closure to the next level, moving the goalposts in blanket front closure design.

The Horseware® V-Front closure is a more comfortable option for horses, and the cutting edge design of the Horseware® Disc further enhances the effectiveness of this innovative blanket closure system.