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MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE | Free Shipping on orders $100+
MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE | Free Shipping on orders $100+
Spring 2023 New Arrivals from Shires Equestrian

Spring 2023 New Arrivals from Shires Equestrian

Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with the NEW Shires Equestrian & ARMA Spring/Summer '23 collection. Ride with confidence and flair!

Fly Sheets in Fun Prints with Ice Cream Cones, Sunflowers or Zebra patterns! Versatile therapeutic ARMA boots for the lower leg/joints to treat  injury, speed up recovery, minimize swelling and inflammation. We've also added more saddle pads, fun carrot and ball feeders and more! Restock with your favorite fine mesh masks by Shires. 

Here are some our favorites:

** Shires Tempest Turnout 0g

Ideal for Warmer Wet Weather, the Tempest Is Cut Deep and Is Durable Enough to Withstand Field Wear.


Shires Tempest Lite Turnout


** Sunflower or Ice Cream Cones Fly Sheets?

The Light and Airy Fabric Make It Great for the Warmest ClimatesThe Shires Tempest Standard Neck Fly Sheet (No Fill) does a great job of providing the horse with an effective barrier to flies and bugs while still allowing air flow.


Can't choose your favorite one? Choose multiple styles since they are on sale from $65.94.

** Fun Accessories with Carrot Ball or Ball Feeder

Boredom and stress busting, your horse or pony will love playing with the Shires Carrot Ball, which helps increase dexterity and encourages learning with healthy treats as a reward. Carrot Ball is a unique intelligent toy, designed to keep your horse or pony entertained for hours.





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