Horseware Reflectech Amigo Bravo 12 Plus Medium Horse Blanket

Increase your horse’s visibility in low light & night-time conditions with Reflectech! This new feature from Horseware appears on the Amigo Bravo 12 Reflectech Plus Medium 250g Turnout, made of a super strong 1200D polyester waterproof & breathable outer layer interwoven with reflective yarn. Additionally, this turnout features a lined detachable hood, 250g of warm fiberfill, and an antibacterial, anti-static, shine enhancing polyester lining. It’s everything you’ve always loved about Horseware’s Amigo turnouts plus this cool new Reflectech feature! #FeatureFriday #GallopWithUs #iwearhorseware 

If your :racehorse: is in need of a medium weight blanket, check out Reflectech here: Amigo Bravo 12 Reflectech Plus Medium 250g Turnout