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Best Fly Sheets for Horses

We researched extensively to determine which fly sheets are the best.  When comparing fly sheets to find the top performers, we considered the following:
  • Quality and durability of flysheet
  • Fly sheet coverage, fit and overall comfort for your horse
  • Fly sheet fabric breathability, fly protection and UV protection

Here are some of the best fly sheets we found.   

Rambo Protector #1  Rambo Protector Fly Sheet:  We voted this the very best fly sheet because it is soft, yet extremely durable.  It includes a neck cover, extra belly coverage and offers good UV protection.  The 2 snaps on the front of the sheet are super easy and this fly sheet always stays in place.  Some customers were worried that in extra hot, humid climates it would be too warm, but the horses we tested the Protector fly sheet on in dry 90 degree weather were comfortable.

Rambo Fly buster Fly Sheet Best Fly Sheet

#2 Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose Fly Sheet: This fly sheet is just like the Rambo Protector but with insect repellent infused into the fabric.  This fly sheet is durable, soft and very high quality.  The horses wearing this fly sheet were extremely comfortable.

Kensington SureFit Protective Fly Sheet

#3  Kensington Upgraded Protective Fly Sheet, Kensington figured it out when they determined the cut of this blanket. It just seems to fit everyone well, which is so important to prevent rubbing.  The textilene is the most bomb proof material out there so is great for horses who tend to destroy their fly sheets.  Some people think the fly sheet is too stiff especially before it's broken in a bit.  However, it will last and last and is so stylish in the great assortment of plaids.  We also like how Kensington offers the extra pieces à la carte allowing you to assemble the perfect level of fly protection for your horse, with items like the neck cover, belly band, fly boots and fly masks - all in the matching plaids!

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Fly Sheet

#4 WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Detach-a-Neck:  We are often asked by our customers for a fly sheet that is tough, but super breathable for horses in hot climates that are hard on their fly rugs.  This one fits the bill. The fabric is very durable and is breathable, allowing you to keep it on your horse all day, even during hot temperatures.  That being said, if you are looking for sun protection, you might want to try one of Weatherbeeta's other options - the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Airflow Detach-a-Neck Fly Sheet has 70% UV protection, where this one only offers 20%.  The WeatherBeeta Ripshield offers great coverage, including a detachable neck and a removable belly flap.  We preferred the chest clips on the Rambo to the twin buckles on this sheet. It also has leg straps, which some people love.  I'd rather have a fly sheet like the Rambo that doesn't need them and have 2 fewer straps to snap in place.  However, the fit was very comfortable on most horses.  This is a superb fly sheet for the price, somewhat less expensive than the Rambo fly sheets mentioned. 

Amigo Bug Buster Fly Sheet

#5 Amigo Bug Buster:  The fly sheet for your horse if you are in extremely hot, humid climates.  Not as durable as the above 3, but softer, lighter weight and more breathable fabric that will ensure your horse stays comfortable.  Extra belly coverage, a detachable neck cover and sun reflective colors. This fly sheet features Horseware's effective No-Fly Zone technology to keep insects away, saving you money on fly spray, and adding another effective level of insect defense.  

Amigo Bug Rug Fly Sheet

#6 Amigo Bug Rug: One of our all time best sellers, we had to put this on our list as our customers' happiness means a lot, and they keep buying this one.   A great fly sheet for the price, featuring a detachable neck cover. We wish this fly sheet were a bit more durable, but the tradeoff is a fabric that is super soft and lightweight, ensuring a cool, comfortable fly free horse.  This one is a great choice for horses outside in really hot, humid climates.

Looking for a fly sheet for a special size horse?  Try one of these:

Pony Fly Sheets

Kensington Pony Protective Fly SheetRambo Protector Fly Sheet:  Our top fly sheet pick above starts in size 60" so is a fantastic choice for many ponies.

Kensington Pony Upgraded Signature Protective Fly Sheet:  Ponies just look cute in adorable plaids!  Kensington's tough textilene fabric results in a bomb proof, adorable sheet that provides superb fly and UV protection.

Amigo Pony Bug Rug:  A soft, lightweight option for your pony.  Not as durable as the above 2 options, but great for extremely hot, humid climates.

Miniature Horse Fly Sheets

Amigo Petite Bug Rug Miniature Horse Fly Sheet Amigo Petite Bug Rug:  From the new line of miniature horse blankets designed by Horseware Ireland, this Amigo Petite Bug Rug has been a top seller for us.  We love how it includes a detachable neck cover to completely protect your mini.  Available in sizes 33"-48"

Kensington Miniature Horse Protective Fly Sheet in Kentucky Blue PlaidKensington Mini Protective Fly SheetA mini version of the Kensington described above.  This fly sheet is as tough as nails - if you have a mini who is tough on their turnouts, then this is the fly sheet for you.   We also couldn't help but love the adorable plaids on these tiny little horses.  Coordinating mini fly boots and fly masks also available. Available in sizes S-XXL ranging from 34" - 54".

Draft Horse Fly Sheets

Amigo XL Bug Rug:  With 20% more room in the neck and on the drop, this fly sheet is designed for a larger built horse.  Including a detachable neck, disc front closure and super soft, lightweight fabric, this fly sheet will ensure your horse will be happy and peaceful this summer. Available in size 69"-90".

Kensington Draft Protective Fly Sheet:  The tough, stylish Kensington Protective Fly Sheet we love is available in draft sizes:  90"-93"!