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Free Shipping on orders $100+
Free Shipping on orders $100+

Miniature Horse Blankets

Find the perfect blanket for your miniature horse.  All of these turnouts, stable blankets, coolers and fly sheets have been designed with your miniature horse in mind.  View our large selection of Miniature Horse Blankets, or take a look at some of the featured mini horse blankets here.

 Miniature Horse Turnouts

Amigo Hero 6 Petite Plus Medium Turnout:   featuring a 600D outer layer including 200g fill, a detachable hood and front leg arches for optimal freedom of movement.

Kensington Mini All Around Turnouts:  featuring 1200D outer, a fully belly band and a range of fill options:  

Kensington Mini Rain Sheet (no fill)
Kensington Mini 80 g Lite Turnout Blanket
Kensington Mini 180g Medium Turnout Blanket
Kensington Mini 300g Heavy Turnout Blanket

Miniature Horse Fly Sheets

Amigo Petite Bug Rug:  Based on the original Amigo Bug Rug, but resized to fit your mini! Includes a detachable neck cover and a sun reflecting fabric that is ultra soft and breathable.

Kensington Miniature Horse Protective Fly Sheet:  Featuring adorable plaids and a full belly wrap, this ultra tough textilene mini fly sheet will protect your mini from annoying flies and harmful UV rays. 

 Miniature Horse Fly Masks

Kensington Protective Products offers the nicest miniature horse fly masks we could find.  In adorable plaids, with durable textilene and soft fleece trim, these mini fly masks come with or without ears.

Kensington Mini Fly Mask with Ears
Kensington Mini Fly Mask without Ears




 Miniature Horse Stable Blankets

Amigo Petite Stable Blanket for Miniature HorsesAmigo Petite Plus Stable Blanket:  Keep your mini cozy in the barn with the this well designed mini stable blanket.   Includes a 600D outer, 200g fill and a detachable hood for the extra chilly nights.

Miniature Horse Coolers

Amigo Petite Show RugDepending on your budget, you may be interested in the Amigo Petite Jersey Cooler made from a wicking brushed polyester or the Amigo Petite Show Rug, a high wicking show quality rug.