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How to Measure Your Horse for a Kensington Blanket

Measure Twice, Buy Once

Fitting a Horse Blanket:  Here’s how to get the perfect fit.

All you need is a cloth measuring tape (or a string that can be placed on a rigid measuring tape).

1. Stand your horse up squarely on a level surface.

2. Take the end of the tape in your left hand and place it in the center of the chest.

How to Measure Your Horse for a Kensington Blanket

3. With your right hand, draw the tape along the side, across the widest part of his shoulder, keeping the tape level and taut.

4. Bring the tape to the midpoint of the buttock (about 10 to 12 inches below the place where the tail joins the body).

5. Note the measurement. If you come out with an odd number, round up to the next even number for a Traditional or Standard-Cut blanket. If purchasing a European-Cut blanket, reduce the measurement by 2 inches.

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Exact measurements are best for getting the perfect blanket fit; however, you can also approximate blanket size based on horse height using the following chart:

Horse Size
(In Hands)
Blanket Size
11 1/2 58” – 60”
12 -13 1/2 64”
13 1/2 – 14 1/2 68”
14 1/2 -15 1/2 72”
15 12 – 16 74”
16 – 16 1/2 76”
16 1/2 – 17 1/2 78”- 80”
18 82” – 84”


Horse blankets are available in Traditional and European Cuts. Traditional Cuts are ideal for horses with broad chests (Quarter Horses) and high withers (Thoroughbreds). Kensington offers specialized cuts for Miniatures, Shetland Ponies, Friesians and draft horses.

Comparing Blanket Cuts European Vs Traditional

Kensington European and Traditional Cut

European Cut Features Traditional Cut Features
Seamless Back Contoured Back and Rear
Loose Fit Cut Back Neck
Longer Drop Single Belly Strap
High Neck
Criss Cross
Belly Strap


Once you have your Kensington blanket, here is how to assess the blanket fit.

Check the Following Areas for Blanket Fit:

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