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Free Shipping on orders $100+

Blankets for Larger Built Horses with Broad Shoulders 

Horses come in all sizes. Thankfully, horse blankets do too. 

If your horse is broad chested with a larger build, you'll need a blanket cut to provide more room in the chest and more length on the sides than the average horse blanket provides. Here are a few recommendations:  

Rambo Optimo


The Rambo Split Technology allows the ultimate in freedom of movement, with an extra high gusset, which provides extra freedom of movement for large chested horses.  
As one of our customers owning well-built Friesians says: "this blanket provides heaps of movement for my bigger horses”. 








Horse Blankets for Friesians

The Amigo XL cut is 20% deeper in the neck and sides to give more room for a deep shouldered horse with a deep neck and wide build.  

“Our Belgian draft mare fits the Amigo XL beautifully while no other brands fit her broad shoulders.” - Amigo Owner

Amigo Hero 900D XL Turnout Sheet


Amigo Chest Extender

There is also the option to add an Amigo Chest Extender to any classic Amigo Turnout.  The extender provides extra room for deeper chested horses by “opening” up the front a few inches. Compatible with turnouts with classic front closure.

Amigo Chest Extender for Large Horses

Kensington SureFit Turnouts

Kensington Turnout RugIn collaboration with the Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA), Kensington set out to design a cut to fit the unique build of a Friesian horse. After a year of testing numerous samples on a wide variety of Friesians, Kensington found what they believed to be the perfect fit. Once this was complete, Kensington continued to make tweaks to the design over the next 6 months, continuously improving the design, to create the "Surefit Cut".

Questions about finding the right blanket for your horse?
Call or email customer service. We'd be happy to help!