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Best Fly Masks for Horses

We researched extensively to determine which fly masks are the best.  When comparing fly masks to find the top performers, we considered the following:

  • Fly mask coverage, fit and overall comfort for your horse
  • Quality and durability of fly mask
  • Fly mask fabric breathability, fly protection and UV protection

Here are some of the best fly masks we found.  Purchase one of these top 5 and save 10%.  Use code TOP5MASKS.

Cashel Fly Mask#1  Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask with Ears
:  We voted this the very best fly mask because almost every horse we tried it on was happy keeping it on.  The fit was true to size and it fit well without gaping areas where bugs could get inside.  If you like to add color to your horse's wardrobe, this mask comes with blue, pink or orange ears (while you support a good cause) as well as unique colorful patterns that change each Spring.  This fly mask fits every horse from foal/mini size to draft.  The Cashel Long Fly Mask is great for extra protection from both bugs and harmful UV rays.   Shop ALL Cashel Fly Masks.

Rambo Plus Fly Mask

#2 Rambo Plus Fly Mask:  This fly mask is the best at protecting your horse's eyes with a large cord that bows out to keep the material far from the eyes. It is Rambo tough and comfortable to wear.  The only thing to keep in mind is that this mask runs large.  The Horse size seems to be a Warmblood size, while the Cob seemed to fit standard Horse sizes better.  We might have ranked this #1, but it is quite a bit more expensive than the well-performing Cashel mask.

Kensington Long Fly Mask#3  Kensington Protective Fly Mask with Soft Mesh Ears & Removable Nose  Kensington masks get the award for most fashionable.  The Kensington Fly Mask looks beautiful on your horse, coordinating with the Kensington Plaid Collections.  It is also tough as nails, a great choice for the Houdini Horse who gets their fly mask off no matter what and then stomps it into the ground.  For those who need ear protection and full face coverage, try the long mask shown.  This also comes in a Standard length with or without ears.  For those who are in a hot climate, try the Kensington Fly Mask with Web Trim (and no fleece).  View ALL Kensington Fly Masks.

Shires Fly Mask with Fringe#4 Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears & Fringe:  Shires continues to innovate and the fringe on this mask shows that high level of product creativity.  The horses we tested this on seem to LOVE the fringe, while flies steered clear.  We did have a horse or two where the fringe was a little long, but we simply trimmed it with scissors to the correct length, and problem solved.  This fly mask is a sure winner.  View ALL Shires Fly Masks.

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