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Horse Turnout

What Weight Blanket Should I purchase?

One of the most important things to consider when blanketing your horse is what weight blanket to purchase.  Choosing the correct weight ensures your horse isn't too hot or too cold. Always err on the side of your horse being a little cold rather than a little hot.  

Warmth of a Horse Blanket 

Horseware blankets come in a variety of weights. To make it easier, Horseware has created this little temperature scale.  A turnout blanket acts as a waterproof insulator layer, helping to maintain warmth in cold weather. However be aware that conditions may vary in a short time span.  Always ensure your horse is comfortable at all times.  

Horse Blanket Warmth Chart

0g Fill (no fill):  A turnout with no fill is intended to keep your horse dry in the elements but provides little warmth.  

100g Fill (medium-lite):  Half way between a lite (no fill) and a medium.  Provides some warmth but not a lot.  

200g Fill (medium): A medium turnout rug contains 200-250 fill.  Great for mild-chilly nights if you clip your horse and chilly nights if your horse has its natural coat.

300-400g Fill (heavy):  A heavy turnout is made for the coldest conditions. 

Temperature Chart

Below is a chart of blanket recommendations. Bear in mind that every horse is unique - some naturally run warmer than others.  Older horses typically need extra protection.  Some horses grow a thick winter coat while others do not.  Use this as a guide, but please check your horse frequently until you determine what your horse needs.

Temperature Natural Coat Body Clipped
50 degrees Nothing or 0g Turnout Lite 0g-100g Blanket
40 degrees Lite 0g-100g Blanket Lite-Medium 100g-200g Blanket
30 degrees Medium 100-200g Blanket Heavy 300g Blanket
20 degrees Medium 200g-300g Blanket Heavy 300g-400g Blanket
10 degrees or below Heavy 300g-400g Blanket Heavy 300g-400g Blanket with a 100g-200g Blanket Liner


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