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FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND SALE | Free Shipping on orders $100+
FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND SALE | Free Shipping on orders $100+
Kensington UViator Fly Mask

90% UV Protection & Fly Mask

There's a reason the Kensington's UViator Fly Mask is our #1 selling product for best UV protection! 

This fly mask & halter in one blocks 90% of UV rays, protecting your horses year round from the bright sun to harsh reflections that bounce off wet or snowy surfaces. 

It's the most comprehensive protection available:  

  1. Protection from insects: Protect a horse's face and eyes from flies, mosquitoes, and other biting insects, which can be annoying and painful for the horse.

  2. Sun protection: The UViator protects from the sun's UV rays, which can be harmful to a horse's eyes and skin.

  3. Allergies: Some horses may have allergies to insects or other allergens in the environment, and our UViator fly mask can help to keep these allergens away from the horse's face and eyes.

  4. Medical conditions: In some cases, a fly mask may be recommended by a veterinarian to help manage or treat a medical condition such as eye infections, injuries, or vision problems.



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