Rambo Padded Halter

  • Rambo Padded Halter
  • Rambo Halter in White Stripes Navy
  • Rambo Padded Halter in Navy/Beige
  • Rambo Padded Halter in Charcoal/Silver/Raspberry
  • Rambo Halter in Whitney Stripes Chocolate
  • Rambo Halter in Whitney Stripe Gold
  • Rambo Halter in Whitney Stripes Cherry
  • Rambo Halter in Black/Tan

A beautiful nylon webbing halter with a luxurious, thick padded fleece lined nose and headpiece. Co-ordinates with the Rambo® range.

Sizes:  Horse, Cob, Pony


  • Black with Pomegranate and White
  • Whitney Stripe Gold
  • Whitney Stripe Cherry
  • Whitney Stripe Chocolate
  • Whitney Stripe Navy
  • Navy/Beige
  • Black/Tan
  • Charcoal/Silver/Raspberry

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