Rambo Ionic® 100g Liner

Rambo Ionic Horse Blankets

Integrate an Ionic layer for colder weather with the Rambo Ionic® Liner.  Featuring a 210D polyester outer, and a 210D polyester lining with the Ionic technology printed on its reverse side for optimum performance. Although the tourmaline is not visible, its technologies are hard at work.  Featuring quick clip closures and 100g thermobonded fiberfill for longer lasting heat retention, keeping your horse warm in the cold.  Compatible with the Horseware blanket liner system.

The Rambo Ionic Technology infused carbon inner gives benefits including increased blood circulation, metabolism stimulation, increased oxygen delivered to blood cells, immune system strengthening, PH balance restoration and reduced blood pressure.

Rambo Ionic Horse Blankets

Sizes:  66" - 87"

Color:  Black/Black & Orange Stripe