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MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE | Free Shipping on orders $100+
MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE | Free Shipping on orders $100+

Fly Sheets for Friesians

Our customer service team has been frequently asked for the best fly sheets for Friesians, with a common problem that the fit around the neck is too tight. Here are a couple of suggestions from our manufacturers.


In collaboration with the Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA), Kensington set out to design a cut to fit the unique build of a Friesian horse. After a year of testing numerous samples on a wide variety of Friesians, Kensington found what they believed to be the perfect fit. Once this was complete, we continued to make tweaks to the design over the next 6 months, continuously improving the design, to create the "Surefit Cut".

Amigo XL Bug Rug Fly Sheet (No Fill, Disc Front Closure)

This soft mesh fly sheet has been designed specifically for larger built horses.  Featuring a 20% deeper neckline and a 20% deeper drop,  the fit is just right for most Friesians.

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