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Best Horse Blankets for Horses With High Withers

Best Horse Blankets for Horses With High Withers

Horses come in all sizes. Thankfully, horse blankets do too. 

If your horse has high withers, you'll need a blanket that won't rub or put uncomfortable pressure on that area.  Any blanket that has a mid or high neck cut helps take the pressure off the withers. If you are hoping to stick with a classic style, some blankets offer wither-relief pads in the blanket that can help relieve any pressure to the area.  Here are a few recommendations:  

Rambo Wug Turnouts

The Rhino Wug Turnout features the original high neck design providing a snug fit and effectively eliminating pressure to the withers.  It is a great choice for a narrow horse with high withers and comes in 4 weights.

  • Rhino Wug Turnout Sheet
  • Rhino Wug 100g Turnout Blanket
  • Rambo Wug 250g V/L Turnout Blanket
  • Rhino Wug 450 Vari-Layer Turnout Blanket
  • Weatherbeeta High Neck Turnout

    WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Plus Dynamic High Neck Medium Turnout Blanket 

    Wither Relief Pads 

    Wither relief pads in blankets help lift the blanket, alleviating pressure on the wither area.

    STABLE Blankets with Wither Relief Pads

    TURNOUT Blankets with Wither Relief Pads

    Questions about finding the right blanket for your horse?

    Call or email customer service. We'd be happy to help!

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